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Commercial Hot Water

Advanced commercial hot & warm water storage solutions offering superior water hygiene, bacteria growth elimiation and low maintenance.

Locally Manufacturued

Aleabrax Heat Exchange Tanks

Aleabrax Systems locally manufacture heat exchange tanks suitable for commercial water heating applications.

Our unique indirect heat exchange storage cylinders have the added advantage of having two separate heating circuits.

Separation of the low-pressure primary circuit to the mains pressure DHW circuit provides a system under low thermal stress that is suitable for use in varying water quality conditions.

The Aleabrax heat exchange systems are open vented, by means of an expansion tank.

Constructed of mild steel (up to 6mm) with high-grade copper heat exchangers, these industrial quality tanks offer a modular solution from a small footprint.

GFX Series Indirect Fired Storage Unit

AMX Series Indirect Fired Storage Unit

DVX Series Gas/Oil Fired Heater

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Heat Exchangers WA (‘HEWA’) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Boilertronics.

As part of the Boilertronics acquisition, HEWA also picks up Aleabrax, the class-leading, multiple heat circuit, hot water storage solution.