Forza Series

The Forza appliances are floor-standing condensing boilers designed for heating purposes.

Floor Standing Condensing Boilers

Forza Series

The Forza appliances are floor standing condensing boilers designed for heating purposes.

They are suitable for outdoor installations only.

Available as 50kw or 100kw modules with up to 1:20 modulation, they provide unrivaled flexibility and performance from a small footprint. The individual modules are simply connected by means of hydraulic manifolds for the gas and flow & return connections.

The Forza range features integrated pump/s with PWM control which works in conjunction with the PCB, fan, and burner to control the ΔT and maximise efficiency.

These appliances can be electronically cascaded to meet the required demand (up to 800kW).

With multiple installation options for internal & external applications, the Forza series is the perfect solution for purposes such as underfloor heating, pool/spa heating, HVAC applications, and DHW production via an Aleabrax heat exchange tank. 

Cascade Packages

The Forza range provides a modular solution requiring only a basic fit-off and connection by the onsite contractor when in the desired position.

Forza Cascade Modules (FCM50 & FCM100) are fitted with DN100 flow & return manifolds and isolation valves allowing them to work independently in case of boiler fault or maintenance.

Up to eight 100kw modules can be hydraulically connected and these appliances would be electronically sequenced via the Cascade Regulator.

Single Applications Installations

The F50 and F100 single appliances have the added benefit of an integrated hydraulic separator saving installation time and associated costs.

The hydraulic separator is designed to create a low-velocity area that allows independent operation of the primary & secondary circuits. This will maximise efficiency, provide protection to the boiler and reduce maintenance costs over the lifetime of the appliance.

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