Lena Series

The A1K  appliances are wall-hung condensing boilers designed for heating purposes.

Wall Hung Condensing Boilers

Lena Series

The A1K appliances are wall-hung condensing boilers designed for heating purposes.

Available as 50kw or 100kw appliances with up to 1:20 modulation, they provide unrivaled flexibility and performance from a small footprint.

The A1K range features integrated pump/s with PWM control which works in conjunction with the PCB, fan, and burner to control the ΔT and maximise efficiency.

These appliances can be electronically cascaded to meet the required demand (up to 800kW).

With multiple installation options for internal & external applications, the A1K series is the perfect solution for purposes such as underfloor heating, pool/spa heating, HVAC applications, and DHW via an Aleabrax heat exchange tank.

Cascade Packages

Cascade packages for wall hung boilers are available when the demand exceeds 100kW.

Cascade packages (up to 800kW) are purchased in component form with the assembly of framework, pipework and mounting of boilers done onsite when in the required position.

Cascade packages can be used in conjunction with the Aleabrax GFX/AMX tanks for DHW production or can be used for HVAC applications.

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As part of the Boilertronics acquisition, HEWA also picks up Aleabrax, the class-leading, multiple heat circuit, hot water storage solution.