Pressurized boilers for heating with extremely high efficiency.

Monobloc Boilers (Pressurized combustion)

Kond 3G

These are monobloc boilers – three smoke pass (pressurized combustion – low NOx) with a furnace with passing flame and wet back, made internally in stainless steel to work at very low temperature/condensing, obtaining in this way high efficiency and considerable fuel saving.

Turbolators are made in stainless steel.

The maintenance is easy thanks to the wide hinged front door on which the burner is fitted.

The insulation of the body is made with a mineral wool panel at high insulating power of 60 mm thickness; the external protection is made of stainless steel sheet panels, which cover the entire boiler body.

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Heat Exchangers WA (‘HEWA’) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Boilertronics.

As part of the Boilertronics acquisition, HEWA also picks up Aleabrax, the class-leading, multiple heat circuit, hot water storage solution.